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DiCenzo Crane and Rigging has a crane and rigging services to 175 tons and maximum tip heights of 300 feet. We offer hourly, daily, weekly and monthly rates with statewide 24/7 service. Our NCCCO certified operators set modular homes, rooftop units, roof trusses, precast concrete structures, communication towers, tanks and more. We do steel erection as well as precast concrete erection projects. Call for receive/store/haul and hoist packages to keep your project moving. Our rigging team can install new equipment or moving existing pieces from one location to another we will work with you to get the job done.
  • Grove GMK 5160 175 Ton: 161’ Main, 141’ Jib
  • Grove GMK 5160 120 Ton: 161’ Main 108’ Jib
  • Link Belt HC 218A 100 Ton: 200’ Main 60’ Jib
  • Grove GMK 5160 90 Ton: 160’ Main
  • Grove TMS 875B 75 Ton: 125’ Main 60’ Jib
  • Link Belt HC 138 65 Ton: 165’ Main 40’ Jib
  • Link Belt HSP 8030 30 Ton: 95’ 30’ Jib
  • Manitowoc 2700 27 Ton: 94’ Main
  • USBT 2250 22 Ton: 85’ Main 26’ Jib